Spray On Chrome

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What is ArmorChrome?

Real. Tough. Chrome!

When they say it, they mean it! ArmorChrome is the most durable spray chrome material ever made. This is truly Nano technology at its finest. ArmorChrome works by hermetically sealing a layer of micron thin pure silver between two-three layers of NanoClear for the ultimate combination of flexibility adhesion and durability.

Environmentally Friendly

There's no chromium in this process by using pure silver as a replacement. The entire chroming process uses over 98% pure distilled water and less than 2% chemicals at any given stage of the process.

Factory R&D

The fact is, not all spray chrome is equal and consumers can easily be fooled into thinking they're getting a superior product when in fact- it just isn't. Unlike other competitors who release their product to the market prematurely, ArmorChrome has taken the time with their product to test, retest and test again until they had the best in the market. When you have your parts ArmorChromed by 360 Auto Concepts, you can trust that you are getting the very best the industry has to offer. That's why they are the only company to offer a warranty on their materials. Their materials come with 5 Year Warranty on any ArmorChromed part done by a Certified Applicator.

Ask For Them By Name

Beware of imitations. If you don't see an Armorchrome "Certified Applicator" banner in your local shop then they aren't spraying ArmorChrome. Ask us for it by name

ArmorChrome! - The only spray chrome with a 5 Year warranty

Features of ArmorChrome

  • Can be Applied to Most ALL Substrates including Metal, Plastic, Rubber, PVC, Wood and even Glass

  • Extremely Durable - Removal is Only Achieved via Sanding or Abrasive Blasting Media

  • GUARANTEED NOT to Yellow and is Backed up by 2 U.S. PATENTS

  • Can Be Applied in a Full Spectrum of 18 Different Colors then Tinted or Highlighted to Achieve Any Color Match

  • Extremely Flexible & Once Applied to Plastic ATV/Motorcycle Fenders etc, it will NOT Crack Chip or Pop Off When Flexed 180° Rolled or Twisted

  • Thermal Resistant up to 350°F

  • Additional/Extreme Thermal Resistance, (-50 Degrees up to 2200 Degrees Fahrenheit) Protection can be Achieved via their Patented Ceramic Nanocoatings